With an increase in urbanisation scarcity of space is emerging as a basic issue. Sophistications in life demand more comfort in the houses we live in but shortage of space becomes the limiting factor. Now dreams have to be converted in reality within limited space. Planned construction of roof top offers multiple avenues forĀ  utilization of space in accordance with the priorities of the residents and height safety melbourne. However construction of rooftops requires important factors to be considered at the time of planning its construction.

Check Regulatory Framework

The foremost important thing before construction of roof top deck is to be sure of the regulatory restrictions.It is a known fact that construction of buildings is to be in conformity with the bye laws of the civic bodies in whose domain the residential area falls. To ensure privacy of the residents, access to light and air and to control pollution these authorities at times place restrictions on construction of rooftop decks and their purposes. The person desirous to construct a rooftop thus requires to make an in depth study of the bye laws of the civic authorities in this regard and ensure that his plans do not violate the regulations. The authorities are empowered to dismentel the constructed structures if any violation is committed causing huge loss. A precautionary approach is therefore recommended.

Structural Review

Rooftop Decks increase loads on the structures. It is therefore appropriate that the load on the foundations and structure be re-examined before undertaking this construction. Since roof top decks have different purposes including a space for green top, area for socialization, play area for children or improved elevation of the house etc.All these activities have different quantum of burden on the lower roof construction. One cannot compromise on the strength of the building just to improve the outlook.

Working Space

It should be ensured that the working space for construction of roof top is ample and proper security arrangements have been undertaken for the labour of roof access system.Working at heights increases the risk factor. If working space for material handling and labour movement is not sufficient probabilities for undesired incidents increases. Security arrangements are to be reinforced in such an instance to ensure smooth functioning of the work without compromising on security matters.

Selection of Material

Selection of material for construction of rooftop decks is also very important. It is more directly associated with the purpose for construction of roof top deck. For instance if the purpose is to make the rooftop green there is likelihood of moss accumulation resulting in seepage of water under the roof causing threat to the main buildings. Proper Insulation and selection of appropriate material needs specific careful analysis.Roof tops are exposed to light and heat also. This may result in cracks on the coating of the surface so while deciding coatings this aspect needs to be accounted for.

Roof Top Contractor

This work needs a specialised training and exposure. While selecting a contractor for this work his expertise on rooftop construction be examined. It should not be treated as a usual construction experience. It requires a professional having strong skills of vigilance of not only the work being done by him but also on the area under the roof.