A commercial steam oven is a modern technology where large amounts of foods are cooked on shelves of a single machine. As the name suggests, a commercial steam oven is used in commercial food processing firms as well as big restaurants that receive many guests. In addition, they are used in food production factories that distribute ready-made food to consumers.

Reasons why commercial firms use steam ovens

The use of steam ovens has become the norm for many food processing firms and is mainly because of the accompanying benefits:

  • Cook various meals simultaneously – One of the greatest benefits of a steam oven is the fact that it can cook different dishes at once without the risk of intermixing the flavours. You can therefore take many orders from the consumers and prepare them at once especially for a restaurant setting.
  • Food maintains its natural colour – It is a convenient way of cooking food that can easily lose colour when overcooked because steaming maintains food’s natural colour. Vegetables can easily lose their natural colour if exposed to too much heat and a steam oven is a suitable alternative for cooking vegetables.
  • Food retains nutrients – Steaming food reduces the risk of destroying essential nutrients that are present since the food does not get direct heat like in other cooking techniques. It is the nutrients in the food that makes us eat in the first place, thus the steam oven maintains the nutrients which in turn nourishes our bodies.
  • Food retains natural taste and texture – Steam cooking ensures that all the flavours are sealed in the food thus making the food tastier. You should make an effort to try food prepared using a steam oven and compare the difference.
  • It has versatility – Steam ovens are used to cook many different varieties of foods and are used in many food production firms that prepare different kinds of foods. It makes them highly reliable in big food industries.
  • Saves on costs – Since plenty of food can be cooked at once, it saves on the cost of fuel/power that would otherwise be used to prepare individual meals.
  • Saves on time – Commercial steam ovens save on the time and energy that are required to prepare large quantities of meals. Also, there is no need of creating different spaces for different kinds of meals since they can be cooked in the same oven.

What are the risks of using a steam oven?

Although steam ovens are helpful in food industries, they can also pose plenty of risks to the people that use them. The following are some of the risks of using a steam oven:

  • The danger of being steamed – One of the risks that a user might experience is being exposed to steam. Users must follow all the safeguard precautions carefully which include avoiding opening the oven while the food is still cooking as it may cause a fatal accident.
  • Health risks – It has also been noted that staying around a steam oven for a long period can result in health complications. Individuals are therefore advised to take short breaks and avoid getting near the oven while it is cooking unless necessary.
  • Risk of eating uncooked food – Some foods cannot cook well in steam ovens and require additional cooking rather than in the steam oven, one of such foods is meat. You should use other techniques to properly cook meat.

Now that you know the difference between a steam oven and commercial combi oven, decide which one will work best for your business.