To keep your business on top of the rest and to gain your clients’ trust, you need fleet tracking Australia, which provides prompt customer response. With this kind of monitoring, you can track the locations of all of your fleet vehicles. In this way, depending on what type of business you have when a customer calls, you can dispatch the car that is closest to their location for prompt service.

1. Navigating road hazards

With a fleet of vehicles on the road, there is always the danger of all kinds of road hazards. These can be anything from road accidents to sudden and unexpected detours. Roads can become hazardous to maneuver due to inclement weather as well. With GPS fleet tracking, you can monitor where your fleet of vehicles are at any one time, and you can update route information. This will allow your drivers to keep away from unexpected hazards or areas where road work is inhibiting vehicles from passing through. In this way, you are sure to get all your company’s deliveries to your customers on time.

2. Tracking vehicles

Features such as real-time tracking and geofencing on GPS fleet tracking devices lets you establish a zone where your fleet of vehicles can operate. You can monitor that all of your cars stay within this geofence zone; however, if a vehicle gets stolen and driven outside of the area, you can use your GPS fleet tracking device for help. You can send SMS commands to the vehicle owner’s mobile phone and then the owner can respond with an SMS disabling the vehicle so that it can be recovered. It is possible to set multiple geofence locations.

3. Speed alerts

You can receive speed alerts with the GPS tracking device’s Live Tracking systems. For instance, if you set the over-speed to 110 km/h, you can set your device to receive an SMS if that speed is overstepped. As the data for fleet vehicles on the road gets logged into the live tracking system you can run the “over speed” report for any of the cars over a period of time, This report will show you if at any time the speed limit was overstepped.

4. Reducing fleet vehicle theft risk

Fleet tracking GPS devices can help reduce the chance of having a fleet vehicle stolen. They are wired with RFID and can stop any unauthorized users from operating the car. If there is an attempted the GPS tracking device’s two-way SMS communication gets activated, and an alarm can sound in the vehicle or the vehicle can be disabled. If a fleet vehicle has been stolen, the GPS tracking device can assist significantly with recovery. Once the vehicle is located there are features that can disable the electrical system of the engine so that the car cannot be driven any farther.

Therefore if you are responsible for a whole fleet of vehicles, it is imperative that you get fleet tracking Australia. It will keep your business running efficiently, you’ll be able to monitor your drivers, and your business will get the reputation of being reliable and always delivering your good on time. You can monitor the speeds at which your drivers drive, and you can also set the routes that they should choose. You can check out online all of the types of devices available and get more information on the available features that you require for your business. In-depth information about fleet tracking is available at