If you are an off-road enthusiast you would be taking your 4wd for long rides over difficult terrain. However multiple day tracks do not work on a single tank and it is necessary to have a long range fuel tank installed in your 4wd. For some people these are simply an upgrade or a replacement of their old fuel tank.

For someone who doesn’t understand long range fuel tanks it might seem like an additional expense only. however a long range fuel tank does not only replace your original fuel tank but actually helps in increasing the fuel capacity of your vehicle so you do not have to stop for refuelling as often as you do at the current time.  These are usually made out of Steel coated aluminium.

Some people make use of a long range fuel try as an extra gas tank which increases the fuel capacity of the 4wd. It is good for people who enjoy big tracks and also allows them to fill upon the fuel that is available cheaply throughout the trips. A long range fuel tank can allow you to store the extra fuel and also help keep the centre of the gravity lower.

Which vehicles require a long range fuel tank?

Vehicles which are taken along for long stretches or journey would generally require a long-range fuel tank.  It is also ideal for vehicles which tow big caravans. It also depends upon the amount of fuel which a 4wd would require and how remotely do their owners travel. There are some vehicles which offer better conversion rate despite the fact that they may be carrying heavy loads. It is essential to find out about the fuel capacity of a vehicle  before investing in a long range fuel tank.

Which kind of long range fuel tank is the best?

You can opt to go for any of the following fuel tanks

  • Replacement systems are fuel tanks which replace your current system. This is not only increase the fuel capacity but can also increase the efficiency of the vehicle. These are designed to easily adapt with other features in the vehicle and comply with the standard Fuel Gauge and pump.
  • The transfer system works by pumping fuel from an external tank into the original tank. You just need to refuel your time and then a switch so that it can feed the other tank. These come with an led to show you the level of fuel in the auxiliary tank.
  • Independent systems can work as change over especially when the supply of fuel in the main tank becomes low. This allows the owners to use secondary tanks when the first tank starts becoming empty. It is also considered one of the most effective systems for long range fuel tanks.

You need to consider the ground clearance of your long range fuel tank before installing it. If it is too low you always have a risk of getting into a rock while driving. It would damage the system and could also result in fuel loss. A professional from UV 4×4 can advise you on the right kind of fuel tank system for your vehicle.