About the Program

The Helping Hands program is a community-based, peer-support initiative facilitated by Six Degrees – a project initiative of Podium.

Our main objectives are simple:

Normalise conversations related to mental health
Support Muslim youth to seek help where necessary
Improve access to mental health services for Muslim youth

How It Works:

The Helping Hands Model

Helping hands seeks to connect Help Seekers- individuals who may be enduring hardship, to Help Givers- a Muslim community member prepared to provide support.

Helping Hands has partnered up with masajid and Islamic societies across Melbourne to deliver the Helping Hands program in locations accessible to individuals.

  • Melbourne Madinah
  • University of Melbourne Islamic Society (Parkville Campus)
  • Latrobe University Islamic Society (Bundoora Campus)
  • Virgin Mary Mosque
  • Monash University Islamic Society

Appointments with Help Givers will be available through:

  • Booking a time and a Helping Hands location via the Six Degrees website
  • Dropping in at a Helping Hands location (masjid or university musallah)
  • Visiting a community event/site where Help Givers will be present