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The Helping Hands program is a community-based mental health support initiative facilitated by Six Degrees, which is an initiative of Podium.


This will be a pilot project specifically targeting Muslim youth. Focused on providing a mental health first aid service to members of the Muslim community by using methods grounded in psycho-education and Islamic psychology. 


The Helping Hands program has created a model for access to help givers where help seekers can either:

  • Book a time through our website to access help givers, or 
  • Alternatively, they can drop into one of the drop in sessions which will be located at various universities and mosques. 


The Helping Hands program will also be providing community engagement support by placing help givers at popular community sites and events where they will engage with Muslim youth, invite them to have conversations and increase mental health awareness and education in the community.


Helping Hands is grounded in evidence-based research and education, where help givers will be provided with ongoing training, supervision and debrief opportunities. The services for help givers are under the care of practicing psychologists and Orygen.

[mindcare_core_section_title disable_title_break_words=”no” title_tag=”h1″ target=”” tagline_tag=”” content_alignment=”” title=”Objectives of Helping Hands Program” bg_text=”Aim” text=”1. Providing mental health first aid to Muslims in distress.
2. Creating safe spaces for Muslims to openly and comfortably seek mental health support.
3. Increase accessibility for Muslims to access mental health professional support through referral.
4. Increase mental health awareness and mental health psycho-education for Muslim community within an Islamic framework” bg_text_color=”#ece7dd”]

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